Private Investigations for Insurance Companies

Sharp Investigations, LLC has worked with insurance companies, individuals and employers in cases of insurance fraud, workers compensation and personal injury. Our findings can make the difference to both individuals and businesses that are unfairly assessed for insurance purposes.



Workers compensation fraud occurs when a claimant, employer, or health care provider knowingly lies in order to gain an advantage, savings, money, or other benefit. While many people believe that workers compensation fraud solely consists of employees lying about or exaggerating their injuries, workers compensation fraud can involve both employers and employees.

Sharp Investigations LLC has successfully used their expertise, along with persistence, to obtain the evidence needed to determine if fraud is occurring. Evidence is gathered with use of surveillance, covert cameras, overt cameras and data base searches.


In a Personal Injury investigation, it is important to document all aspects of the investigation to ensure that all evidence is located. To ensure that a complete investigation is performed, our investigators conduct surveillance, interview witnesses, obtain statements, check for stationary cameras at the incident location, obtain any available video and document the scene.

It is important that your private investigator obtains all the information that you will need to settle your case or win in court.

Sharp Investigations, LLC use the experience obtained from over 25 years of documenting crime scenes as a police officer to direct the course of their investigations. Without proper experience vital pieces of evidence could be overlooked. Sharp Investigations, LLC takes pride in our thoroughness and professionalism in these matters.


Hiring an experienced private investigator is crucial if you want a successful outcome in your case. Sharp Investigations, LLC has years of experience and training that will ensure that you are able to obtain a favorable outcome. We know what and when to observe and the proper way to gather the necessary information for a court case or trial.

The founder of the company, Alec Sharp, has over 25 years of police experience and is highly trained in all areas of investigation. This experience assures you the highest level of service.

All of our investigators are licensed by the State of South Carolina and attend continual education to stay abreast of new techniques and changes in the law.

Finding the right private investigations company can be an exhaustive and frustrating task. Our years of experience and numerous successful investigations will give you peace of mind. When hiring Sharp Investigations, you will know that everything will be done to ensure that you receive a high quality and thorough investigation.


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