Part of running a successful business is hiring the right talent for the job, this includes making sure they won’t put your company at risk. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, risk and liability are the two biggest things you can proactively protect yourself against – starting with the people you hire. There are a number of roles that may benefit from applicants being subject to background searches before you enter an employment agreement with them. Running a background check for employment is appropriate for anyone who operates a company vehicle or equipment, works with vulnerable populations, handles budgets, keyholders, or anyone who is exposed to sensitive or proprietary information prior to introducing them into your business.

  • Employers Address Summary

  • Professional Affiliations Verification

  • USA Corporate Affiliations Verification

  • Pilot Licenses Verification

  • Sex Offender Registry Search

  • Professional Licenses Confirmation

  • Possible Criminal Records Review

  • Credit Worthiness Checks

  • Personal Records Searches

  • Employment Qualifications Verification



Inappropriate behavior, criminal activities, or breaking policy doesn’t always happen before employment with you, it can happen at any time. Even if you have already entered into an employment agreement with an individual, and now have reason to suspect they may be putting your business at risk, we can help. Sharp Investigations uses the latest in both national and local investigative tools including the SLED background check, and Federal public records search to find people and learn about their history for your benefit.

We always want to believe the best in people and to trust what we are told, but sometimes going the extra mile and hiring a professional to uncover and document violations or risky behaviors can protect your business interests. Whether you have an HR department, work with employment agencies, or are a small family business, Sharp Investigations can help you vet applicants, or investigate current employees, for a variety of background behaviors quickly and easily.


Sharp Investigations can look into a general background check, criminal background check to reveal things such as arrest records, verify and interview references, or validate other information provided by the individual. See our list of services and tools we use to ensure you have the best employees for your business. Not sure what you need? We can help you understand which background investigations will serve you best.


These guys are great on want they do they really help me a lot. I thank God I these guys on my team. Thanks guys!!!!

Angel Delgado

Sharp Investigations, LLC did a background check on a prospective renter for a property I manage. I felt very confident that the renter would be a great tenant due to the thoroughness of his investigation and the report generated. Thank you!

Michelle Baker

Extremely happy with the experience I had with Alec and his wife. They answered every question I had, was always extremely understanding and willing to work with me.  They had great ideas that really helped me out with my situation. I would 100% recommend them to anyone who needs a PI.

William Dotson

Working with Sharp Investigations has been a life saver for my business and prospective candidates. I request a background screening and I receive a report within 4-24 hours of the request. They are amazing! I believe their expertise can benefit any individual or business owner.

Willis HR

Sharp is here to help when you really need to know!

Sharp Investigations, LLC Private Investigator Firm
Domestic Infidelity

When a spouse strays, it is important that you have the evidence needed to protect you and your family.

Process Service Columbia
Process Service

In urban or high crime areas, we locate and serve, increasing your chances of a successful judgement.

Private Investigator Near Me
Child Custody

We use surveillance to determine what happens when a parent is with a child, giving you the answers you need.

Process Service in Columbia
Background Searches

Check on potential employees, spouses, caretakers, or other people in your life.

Private Investigator Near Me in South Carolina
GPS Tracking

Available for most investigations. Used in cases of adultery, elderly care, juvenile delinquents and more.

Private Investigator Near Me in SC

When you really need to know, Sharp Investigations conducts professional and discreet surveillance.