Workers compensation fraud is a class E felony that costs businesses billions of dollars every year. Claim-related fraud is the most common type and is classified by an employee or employer filing false statements related to an existing illness or injury, or one that did not happen in the workplace. When claim-related fraud happens, it can result in increased insurance premiums for employers, and is punishable by fines and possibly jail time for any party involved.

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It is incredibly important to hire a workers comp fraud investigator when you suspect a false workers compensation claim has been filed. Sharp Investigations is here to help you understand if workers compensation claims filed related to your workplace are exaggerated, falsified, or completely fabricated. Even more, we can help you know who the key players are whether it is the claimant, employer, or healthcare provider. Knowing who is involved in filing a false claim is important because it can protect not only the reputation of your company, but also prevent you from having to pay increased costs in settlement, or insurance premiums. Furthermore, identifying employees who participate in workers comp insurance fraud allows you to take appropriate disciplinary action, ultimately eliminating future false claims from being filed by that individual.


We are the premier Columbia SC, workers compensation investigator and have years of experience reviewing and researching claims. Sharp investigations uses the latest technology including security camera footage, footage captured from hidden or covert cameras, database searches, and traditional surveillance techniques to reveal the truth. After our workers compensation fraud investigation is complete, we will document our findings and share them with you, ensuring you and your lawyer have all the information necessary to present to an Administrative Law Judge during your evidentiary hearing.


For the past two years, our personal injury law firm has relied on the experience and professionalism that comes hand in hand when working with Sharp Investigations. Sadly, some of our clients are too injured to come into our office for consultations and Mr. Sharp and his staff are able to go visit them in their home, expressing empathy for our clients and working with our office as though we were one. We put a lot of pride into our firm, and we would not have been as successful the last few years if it weren’t for Sharp Investigations and their help.

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