Child custody and/or legal guardianship investigations are treated with the utmost care at Sharp Investigations. We believe in keeping children safe and supporting those that may have reason to be concerned about their child’s welfare. Whether you are currently engaged in a child custody battle, or are preparing for a separation or divorce and want to have all of your resources lined up, we are here to help. When it comes to our children’s happiness, safety, and overall quality of life, high levels of emotion are involved – especially when it may result in losing the privilege of being the child’s custodial parent.

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Employ the latest tracking and surveillance techniques.

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Utilize the most modern technology such as GPS tracking systems, and cameras.

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Search databases that may provide additional insight or evidence into undesirable behaviors.

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Document and provide admissible findings.



Custody, when not mutually agreed upon by parents in a thorough, legally binding agreement is always determined by a Family Court judge who does not know your child. In a court of law child custody outcomes can sometimes be in jeopardy if there isn’t evidentiary proof that the safety or wellbeing of your children may be compromised. As your surveillance investigator, we are well versed in the laws, rules, and regulations that determine child custody outcomes in South Carolina.

Another important aspect of child custody investigations that can go unnoticed is how delicately they are handled. When emotions are high, it is important to involve an investigator who can keep your child’s best interest in mind while also compiling and packaging objective evidence for the court. Let us use our knowledge of child custody regulations, and your child custody rights to your advantage.

The Legal Outcome You Deserve

Sharp Investigations uses a proven, methodical surveillance approach to identify and document dangerous activities that may affect the outcome of your child custody case. In addition to identifying abuse and neglect, we also look for risky behaviors that may prove that your child’s welfare may be at stake. Actions such as reckless driving, criminal activity, or substance abuse are all factors family courts take into account when assigning custody and designating child support. Furthermore, it is important for Sharp Investigations to identify any new people your children may be exposed to and run background checks when appropriate.

We believe that your children’s safety and happiness hinges on the success of our investigation, and it is for that very reason that we use every available tool to ensure the court can determine the best outcome for your child.

These folks are amazing!! Friendly, professional and very good at what they do!!!  Always there when you need them! I would recommend to anyone!
Becky Faircloth
Very professional people who got the job done accurately and effectively. My ex was located and served court papers within 3 days by these professionals (something DSS Child Support) didn’t do in almost two years. Harper Sharp assisted and was very helpful throughout the process. Quality customer service and professionalism is EVERYTHING. Thanks Sharp Investigations!!
Lois Living
Upon calling Sharp Investigations, I was met with immediate responses and assistance. It was very clear that the primary mission of this company is to help a person in need.
Sharp Investigations wasted no time doing everything they could to help me resolve a conflict, and they did so with open communication, professionalism, and transparency.
They were all very kind and helpful, and I could not recommend them enough.
Trevor Wilpon

I hired Sharp Investigations to help with a family matter and child custody. They are all amazing at this agency. Harper is the one that I worked with closely on my case, but everyone there was very professional and personable. Harper was always available to answer all my questions and was so easy to work with, and was able to get all the information I needed for my case. They proved to me that they are an agency that takes these types of cases very seriously. I would highly recommend them for whatever you need may be. They are a very family-oriented agency and highly professional. Thank you for all you did to help put my family back together!!

Cherry Jackson

Sharp is here to help when you really need to know!

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When a spouse strays, it is important that you have the evidence needed to protect you and your family.

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Process Service

In urban or high crime areas, we locate and serve, increasing your chances of a successful judgement.

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Child Custody

We use surveillance to determine what happens when a parent is with a child, giving you the answers you need.

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Background Searches

Check on potential employees, spouses, caretakers, or other people in your life.

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GPS Tracking

Available for most investigations. Used in cases of adultery, elderly care, juvenile delinquents and more.

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When you really need to know, Sharp Investigations conducts professional and discreet surveillance.