Who hires private investigators?

Law firms, corporations, insurance companies and private parties all have reasons to procure the services of a private investigator.

How do private investigators charge?

In the majority of cases, private investigators will charge an hourly rate. Hourly rates can vary. Nearly all investigators will ask for a retainer fee before taking a case.

How should I contact an investigator?

When contacting an investigator, if discretion is important, you should make sure that you are not using an email or a phone number that you share with others.

What types of things are professional private investigators NOT allowed to do?

Although PIs have access to information the general public cannot obtain, they must obey the same basic laws as ordinary citizens. Three big things they can’t do:

-Pose as law enforcement officers
-Obtain cellphone records via pre-texting

Will my call be confidential?

Yes. Our business is based on confidentiality and you can expect 100% confidentiality from the initial inquiry right through to the conclusion of our investigation and beyond.

Will the person find out they are under surveillance?

We use techniques that allow us to remain covert. If we feel that the subject has a high level of awareness because of their background or previous experience or is an aggressive driver, we will recommend the appropriate resources or, in some cases, technical surveillance aids such as trackers to enable a successful operation.

Surveillance is an acquired skill requiring a constant, real-time evaluation. If there is any question, we always choose to remain covert.


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